About us

We are an independent management and promotional agency focused in Latin America. We support new artists with diverse musical profiles, and teachers who are interested in doing social work. We also support the artistic development of internationally renowned musicians.


We design professional, creative, personalized and strategic plans to tell the musical and educational stories of our artists (conductors, teachers / authors, soloists, lyric singers and musical groups) contributing to project their careers throughout the continent. We work with our artists to strengthen their careers, plan their tours, and find common areas of interest with presenters and institutions; we also do their booking for master classes, as well as education, PR and communication consultancies.

We offer the presenters and institutions the opportunity to hire artists and teachers with a high professional level with innovative profiles and creative programs; along with experience in various musical and educational areas. We are committed to artists who believe in the cultural development of the continent.


Our team is formed by experienced professionals. We create new opportunities through strategic alliances that bring additional benefits to our customers. We use both the traditional techniques of management / booking and new cultural management tools; our goal is to build and develop the best strategies for each of our clients.


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