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Josbel Puche has created what critics call "the basis to have prominent youth and children orchestras in the future" in musical schools around the world. The Paper Orchestra, the orchestral initiation teaching method designed by this Venezuelan violinist in 2005, aims at stimulating children between 2 and 6 years through collective music practice, orchestral discipline and psychomotor development, all of which are necessary to play an instrument. This method is performed through fun activities, according to the age of the children.


The real-size violins, violas, cellos and double basses used by the children in the paper orchestra are made with cardboard and paper maché. While playing their instruments, which make no sound, children sing a series of works specially composed and arranged by Josbel Puche. The children who are part of the Paper Orchestra understand what they should do within an orchestra when they join an ensemble with real instruments: the position in the orchestra, technical language, gestural communication, attention to the conductor, stage presence; in addition, children develop the natural posture of the instrument.


Josbel Puche, who is a graduated music teacher, has personally taught her method to teachers from Scotland, the United States, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Panama, Chile, Ecuador, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Denmark and Venezuela.


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